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Kitteh Slide

Sorry for the commercial at the end of the video. If I could remove that part, I would.


RAOWR Sweetheart!

This year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are starting on the same day. Maybe it means a little bit of loving'.

The Year of the Tiger 4708

Tiger Years

1962 February 5 to January 24, 1963
1974 January 23 to February 10, 1975
1986 February 9 to January 28, 1987
1998 January 28 to February 15, 1999
2010 February 14 to February 2, 2011
2022 February 1 to January 21, 2023

The essence of those born in this year is nobility: they are always on the quest for something bigger and more beautiful than their own personal advantage, and their values may seem extravagant to more humble people. The third position on the Chinese zodiac is one of high honor and power. Simultaneously creative and destructive, taking stances that are both offensive and defensive, their strength and alertness often make people born in this year excellent achievers.

Characteristics of Tiger PeopleCollapse )

FLARE Base at FurryCon 2010


Hello, Twenty Ten

2009 was mostly a downer year - lots of not-so-good stuff happened. As I sit here and attempt to ponder what went on this past year, I wonder if the year appears better or worse depending on the most recent events in my life. It seems so and yet...

I know 2010 will start off better. The new year always starts off better. A new job opportunity at the beginning of January for me. YAY! All the extra effort I've had to put in at The UPS Store wears me out. Working retail during the Christmas holiday makes me cranky on so many different levels. I may backdate a post for that rant.

The first convention of the year gives me the pleasure of FLARE's company. I always enjoy time with them. Hmmm, three consecutive weekends of happy are coming up. Definitely an excellent way to start the year.

A movie release/distribution in April will finally ease some burdens. That's the last time I do that. I enjoyed some of the perks, though.

2010 looks good, in that murky-crystal-ball sort of way. So, Happy New Year! Wishing you a better looking tomorrow!


A Resolution I'm Guaranteed to Break

In 2010, staurina resolves to...
Take aurorakimberly cooking.
Keep my sushi clean.
Learn to play the flare.
Pay for my girl genius on time.
Lose ten mythbusters by March.
Be nicer to chairmantycho.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


Rocking Princesses

Mostly for you, poeso, since I posted this on Facebook. I hope Disney doesn't order a C&D because the artwork is ROCKIN'.

Twisted Princesses

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

The dancing, the music, the demon-loop!



This is why it took me so long to get on Facebook and it's still true.


More July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Mom, who's going to vacation, yet again, but not until she gets a birthday dinner tonight. YUMMM, Kincaid's.

Happy birthday to Randi, who denies she's ->this<- much closer to being over the hill, but doesn't look it anyways.